Robin 2 Review

We saw you perform at the Robin 2. Bilston on 6th September and had a SUPERB night !!
Very impressive from start to finish, (90 minutes no less ! ) and a dead-ringer for the real group. Each member displayed first rate musical accomplishment. Kevin was more than able to reach all those tricky high notes and was animated and engaging throughout , what a showman !! Visually convincing too, ( those stunningly beautiful wavy locks could be made poker straight by the use of straighteners and extra black to the eyes would make an already convincing presentation identikit PERFECT ! The other three also looked great .
The entire 90 minutes covered all the classic Sabbath tracks from their early days with utterly convincing authenticity!!WHAT A TREAT !! All band members worked incredibly hard, ( great technical skills all round ), whilst clearly enjoying themselves.
We couldn’t have asked for more ! and will be sure to spread the word as you thoroughly deserve a HUGE following.
We wish you all the very best with your future gigs and look forward to seeing you play again SOOOOOOON !!
Stephen and Karen – Crewkerne Somerset.
P.S Great to meet your canine friend Kevin !!
We spoke briefly post ~ gig and loved your unpretentiousness and open ~heartedness.
Keep up the good work and keep in touch xxxxxxxxxxxx.

One thought on “Robin 2 Review

  1. Hi Kevin ,
    DELIGHTED to see my comments re; the Bilston gig a week or so ago on your official website ! !
    I could / would have said EVEN MORE of a complimentary nature !! YOU GUYS ARE GREAT !!!!!!!! Have spread the word amongst friends who intend attending a gig whenever you are near by.

    Wishing you and your fellow band members GOOD LUCK !!!! this weekend in Hull; a great northern city that I’m certain will respond with energy and enthusiasm to your collective brilliance !!
    Keep on keeping on, YOU ALL DO IT SO VERY WELL !!

    Kevin, I was particularly moved to hear about the ‘day job’ you are involved with, so important so relevant and WHAT A ROLE MODEL !
    Hope you make a return visit to The Robin 2, ( or a venue further south ?), sometime in the not too distant future, in the meantime I will follow your progress with interest .
    Lots of Love to MASSIVE doggie X.
    Karen, (aka karen & stephen shipp ).


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