Kevin McGillian – vocals (“Ozzy Osbourne”)

Neil Priddey – lead guitar (“Tony Iommi”

Pete Hagan – bass (“Geezer Butler”)

Matt Bates – drums (“Bill Ward”)

Sabbra Cadabra features past members of Deepest Purple. Kevin (vocals), Neil (guitar). We have also recently confirmed Pete Hagan as our new bassist and Matt Bates on drums (who continues as our ongoing stand-in for our good friend Stuart Mills who’s currently taking a ‘sabbatical’ from playing drums – sorry, every pun intended!

Sabbra + Sabbath Birmingham Mail

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Sabbra Cadabra are the only tribute to have performed for Black Sabbath and were invited to play for Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler at the Black Sabbath bridge naming ceremony in June 2019. Sabbra Cadabra are also continuing to work with Jim Simpson, Black Sabbath’s original manager, on various anniversary gigs during 2020. Jim Simpson recently quoted: “The finest of the Black Sabbath tribute bands, Sabbra Cadabra…were magnificent. As Black Sabbath’s original manager, I can vouch for their uncannily authentic performance, taking me right back to the ‘Henry’s’ of 1969…”

Jim Simpson Sabbra Cadabra

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